Internet Marketing 101 - Copywriting for Website Sales Success

Learn how to writing better content for your website

"Would you Like to be able to Write Profit-Pulling Letters And See your Conversion Rates Shoot Through The Roof Like A Rocket?"

How would you like to crank out your own profit-pulling letters that sell and do it within hours instead of days, weeks or even months?

Direct Response Sales Copies are FAR from dead, contrary to what many people might have you believed.

You see, back in the 1960's many people speculated that magazines and newsletters will phase out when the television was newly introduced.

Hey, we're in the 2000's now and what do you think?
  • Do people still read magazines? Yes.
  • Is Direct Response Marketing a thriving business? Definately.
  • On the other hand, how many people walk off and buy something after watching an ad on TV now? Not very often
Think about it: If you don't have a sales letter that converts, you will only waste your traffic generation efforts!

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Video #1: Introduction to Becoming an Online Copywriting Pro and Tools You'll Need
Video #2: Identifying your Prospect
Video #3: Sales letter Format
Video #4: Long vs Short sales copy
Video #5: Writing Your Sales letter - Top Area

Video #6: Writing Your Sales letter - Middle Area
Video #7: Writing Your Sales Letter - Bottom Area

Video #8: Real Life Example

Video #9: How to Use Google's Website Optimizer
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