Internet Marketing 101 - Email Newsletters

Writing Email Newsletters that get Read!

More and more businesses are starting to talk about sending out email newsletters. Not only have they started recieving emails from other companies but many new website content management systems include the option of managing email databases and building email lists of clients or potential clients. But you don't need to have a website to have an email newsletter to keep in contact with your target market as there is a range of stand alone mass email software that you can use. This course looks as the simple steps you can take to write an effective email newsletter even when you don't think you're that good at writing. Sign up now, it's easy - and free!

Why use an Email Newsletter?
Which email software should you use?

How often is too often to send out a newsletter?

Planning your newsletter layout and content.

The content and parts of your newsletter.

Beginning the newsletter writing process

 The newsletter process - Step by step

 Working with Word, Building your newsletter.

 Final steps before and after sending your newsletter.
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